X-perience: A Neverending Dream


A neverending dream
A dream of you

I'm waiting for the night
Drifting away
On the waves of my dreams
To another day
I am standing on the hill
And beyond the clouds
The wind's blowing still
And catching my doubts

A neverending dream
A dream of you
I believe I receive
A sign of you
Tonite I wanna hide my feelings too
As you do
And I wanna be with you

I'm hunting all the night
The slave to my dream
An illustrated scene
Ascends in the steam
We're playing full of vice
Emotional game
I'm turning off my eyes
For hiding my shame


I'm watching all the flowers
Dying away
In heated breath of live
At the dawning day
I'm waking up in spring
And kissing your face
The sweet and burning thing
And feel your embrace

[Chorus] [2x]

I believe I receive a sign of you
As you do and I wanna be with you