Captain Hollywood Project: Danger Sign

/Captain Hollywood Project/

I can feel the darkness in the air tonight
Mysterious moon making the skylight
Frightning, that's what it seems to be, yeah
The world is falling all around me
Help me because I'm falling
Hear me because I'm calling
Out to the chosen hearts that knows that God regards
The people that are lifelong having it hard
Not knowing which way to go
Not even knowing just how to start
As I drop to my knees
Lift my head to the moonlight
Yeah, I can feel it in the air tonight

There's a danger sign up in the air
And the danger bird is flying up there
No heart can tell
That love will never let you down
It's in the air tonight
It's in the air tonight
It's in the air tonight

The question is:
How will we continue
When will we finally begin to
Concentrate on what is real
Meditate on what we feel
Some people are made happy with a meal
Politician's praise, amaze the most of us
But don't do a damn thing, not for the chosen us
Left out, forgot about, not even thought about
If you think I'm talking shit, check da route
Hard times creeping around ya town
Waiting to bring you down
Turning your situation around
And so I pray with all my might
'Cause I can feel it, it's in the air tonight


And if you could see what it means to me
That there is something going wrong
And if you could feel there's a heart to heal
'Cause there is something going wrong
There is something going wrong