Phil Shöenfelt: Demon Seed

/Phil Shöenfelt/

Oh my darlin'
With your skin as white as snow
Your arms are a prison
Your heart is on death row
Arms that encircle
And hold me, oh, so tight
And keep me from falling
To the end of the night

In a room filled with shadows
Above the neon liquor sign
I'll come back to you baby
Time after time after time
Ectoplasmic and strange now
As you turn and slip away
As pale as a candle
At the break of the day

And I turn my face
And I pull the curtains down
And explode inside myself
Without a sound
Everything that I feel
Is buried underground

In a hotel called Sorrow
Down a street called Shame
I'll come back to you darlin'
Again and angain and again and again
For this poison that kills you
Is the cure that I need
Come softly my darlin'
My timy demon seed

And the lightning hits me
Right between the eyes
My nerves are shot
And my hands are paralysed
And the flower of love
Within your heart, it dies
And I cry, yeah, I cry