INXS: Disappear


Say I'm crying
I'm looking at what's on T.V.
Pain and suffering
And the struggle
To be free

It can't ever be denied and I
Never will ignore
But when I see you coming
I can take it all

You're so fine
Lose my mind
And the world seems to disappear
All the problems
All the fears
And the world seems to disappear

Say you're mine
And give yourself to the
Feelings that you know
I'm needing
All that you can give me
All the things
That you do so well
Words are healing
Sweet anticipation
Making spells
As the shadows close in
Fall across all our yesterdays

[Chorus] [2x]

Disappear [8x]

Say if I could
Look into myself and reason
But I could never never see or
Make sense of the dealings
Turn around
I'm looking at salvation
Make me realize all that I am
You put the light inside this man

[Chorus] [4x]