Levellers: Elation


Oh, there once was a man
Who had lost his own smile
And he wandered the country
Mile after mile
Never quite knowing
What he wanted to find
For his heart it lay heavy
With the weight of his mind

And he looked at the land
Through the tears in his eyes
For he knew that there were those
Who would will her to die
And he wept for his mother
As he lay at her feet
And he heard a voice
Singing him softly to sleep

I'll be your queen
I'll be your mother
I'll be your mystical child
Be your best friend, your lover
Your wife for all time
Will there ever be another
In this life of mine
Will there ever be another
Like my mystical child

So he climbed a high hill
And he looked out to sea
And he heard a voice
Calling out softly to him
Open your heart boy
For it needs to be free
And the next time you're crying
Come running to me


So he walked through the valleys
The trees and the fields
And he came to a river
Where she waited for him
And they looked at the water
Of life flowing by
And he heard a voice saying
'You're not alone in the fight'