Everlast: Ends


Everything must change ...

Some people would rob their mother for the ends
Rat snitch on one another for the ends
Sometimes kids get murdered for the ends
So before we go any further
I'm on my ends

I knew this cat named Dale
Who didn't have a dollar
He was Harvard material
Ivy League scholar
Had a PHD
But now he's waitin' tables
'Cause there's rent to pay
Company's down sizin'
Inflation's risin'
Can't find a job
He's feelin' kind of stressed
Doesn't even feel the effects
When he says
Forgot to count
How many times he's been blessed
So he falls off track
Starts smokin' the crack
And once it hits his brain
It starts a chain react
Sells the shirt off his back
The shoes off his feet
He's losin' all his teeth
Now he's out on the street
And all of the sudden
He's like Jesse James
Tryin' to stick up kids
For their watches and chains
But he's from business school
And he's nervous with the tool
So he ends up on his back
In a bloody pool
For the


I knew this chick named Sally
She had a nice strut
And everywhere that I went
She was up in the cut
Swingin' that butt
Like place your ad here
Only rapped the Benz
And rocked the fly gear
Brand name wearin'
Champagne wavin'
Jewels around the neck
A lotta style she's cravin'
Ain't no savin'
She's doin' all the spendin'
If you do the lendin'
She'll do the bendin'
Straight machine vendin'
That's money for tail
Shoppin' sprees get her on her knees
And then you hit her with the keys
Of your krib you actin' funny
Come home one day
Find her countin' out your money
From the Wetlands
All the way to the Apollo
If you broke she's spittin'
If you're rich she might swallow
For the


I knew these two homeboys
That made a lot of noise
Makin' money on the block
The kids was on their jock
They was tougher than leather
Like Reverend Run
DMC they was tokin' gun
Hold and wait
Goin' out of state
Stackin' mad chips
And pushin' phat wears
Fly jewels and clothes
And got no job
And then one disappeared
And one got robbed
For the

[Chorus] [2x]