Waltari: Every Bad Day


Coz you know darling
You're locking out yourself
The shadows of the night are still calling
You're dreaming and peeping in your corner
Where there's no-one listening

I wanna take you
Where the evil cannot reach
Where we can stay together forever
Just step out, be brave
And fight the power 'till it will let you go

Doesn't really matter what you do
Coz everything you do is in your mood
Coz you're human you can't hide yourself
And every bad day is good

You'll get attention
If you walk brightly on a street
And you really know what you want
Please, don't let them fool you
You have a right to be whatever you are

Don't wanna hurt you
Just wanna stay here by you side
Do not mind where they lead you
You know your own way
And together we'll stay proud and free

[Chorus] [3x]