Levellers: Far From Home


It's warm by the river
The weir keeps us cleen
The woodsmoke and cigarettes
Are all that we need
Marking the dirt
With twigs and simple words spoke
Kicking the dust so we can just

Dance the dance that plays with fire
Play guitar and play inspired
You said you would leave not ever
Underneath the sky forever

It's cool by the sea
When the pavement is hot
We take a walk down there
To see what we've got
An old man
Collecting fifty beautiful words
Cleaning the beach
So that he can teach us to


It's cool by the pane glass
On the high street we played
But there's always a penny
In the music we made
So far from home
With no means of return
Burning the bridges, so we always


We're so far from home
No need to return
There's so much that we have though
And so much we have learned