Levellers: Fifteen Years


I never was a violent man
Said the man in the bar with his head in his hands
He's trying his best to understand the cause of his dismay
But years of gin have broken him
And left him cold where he's fitted in
But it's too late now to turn around and find another way

And the lights in the late night lock-in
Are faded away when he gets in
The girl from fifteen years ago
Has packed and gone away

It was never how it used to be
What happened to all that energy
You took one too many liberties
And I'm tired of being afraid
So after the fight she took flight
Hiding swollen eyes and a wounded pride
The best years of her life denied
Sold for liquid shares


And the victims of the world
Are advertised on posters
Just a beach and a pretty girl
If you just take this potion

It's another week 'til his cheque comes through
He's got a fiver left now to spend on food
But the doors of the bar are open
And he breaks another rule
He sits on the stool that bears his name
He's got a favorite glass that is called the same
And he's never kept waiting
'Cos he pays the landlord's wage

[Chorus] [2x]