Tom Waits: Georgia Lee

/Tom Waits/

Cold was the night
And hard was the ground
They found her in a small grove of trees
And lonesome was the place
Where Georgia was found
She's too young to be out
On the street

Why wasn't God watching?
Why wasn't God listening?
Why wasn't God there for
Georgia Lee?

Ida said she couldn't keep Georgia
From dropping out of school
I was doing the best that I could
But she just kept runnin' away from this world
These children are so hard to raise good


Close your eyes and count to ten
And I will go and hide but then
Be sure to find me, I want you to find me
And we'll play all over
We will play all over
We will play all over again

There's a toad in the witch grass
There's a crow in the corn
Wild flowers on a cross by the road
And somewhere a baby is crying
For her mom
As the hills turn from green back
To gold

[Chorus] [2x]