Captain Hollywood Project: Impossible

/Captain Hollywood Project/

Show me where
Someone like me can
Make a stand
'Cause I find you
A little impossible

Give me my life, the "highs" and "lows"
Love, I'm trying to hold
Weaker I get every day
Lose control of the things that I say
Tell me how can I get right
Like a dog without his bite
Don't know which way way to go
Don't know what I'm looking for
Meditate all the time
Hoping that I could find
A ladder that I could climb
To get this off my mind
Until then I'll just be trapped
In her arms I'm deeply wrapped
Before I lose control
I start to scream and scold

Show me a land
Where someone like me
Can make a stand
Make any living
When all that you can is
Tear down all you don't understand
I find you're a little impossible
I find you're a little impossible
Impossible to me
Impossible to me


Make a stand, make a stand, make a stand...

Time is restless
You'd better check this
Way you're living is wreckless
Jealousy kills the people with envy
Lack of self-control that could be
The answer that you're throwing on
To a life style that ya showin' on
So go on with your bad self
Until you find your life on a shelf
Checking your beeper
Trying to keep her
Most of the time can't even sleep
Living large - you're in charge
Mercedes Benz and Credit Cards
Rolling big bucks your holding
Rings you wear are often stolen
Slow down, take a look at yourself
Be thankful for your health

[Chorus] [2x]