Monie Love: It's A Shame

/Monie Love/

My sister, my sister
Tell me what the trouble is
I'll try to listen good
And give the best advice that I can give
So, what's up with you this time?
Your honey took a dive
And now he's playin with your mind?
Oh no, this can not be accepted
The feelings that belong to you must be protected
Hold up, time out
I shout, get it together sister
Tell him to be nice or ditch the mister

It's a shame
The way you mess around with my heart
It's a shame
The way you hurt me
It's a shame
The way you mess around with my heart
It's a shame
The way you hurt me

Get back on your feet, please
I'm beggin you to check out all your own needs
Don't let nobody see you in a state of grievin' over the brother
There's another possibility
Which is for you to work out where you went wrong
I guarantee to you that it will not take long
For you to make your mind up if the two of you belong
You know where honey's head at
And where he's comin from
Get it out your system
Don't be another victim
This took the nerve, oh boy
He really picked 'em, whaddya know
It's time for you to show you're not sleepin
A progress report on the two of you you're keepin
Peekin through the peephole
To see if honey's sneakin
You estimated right
That night the other weekend
Collectively the facts should conclude the decision
You caught the brother in a terrible disposition


That's it, pack it up
Be wise my sister
'Cause the facts keep stackin up
Tell him to kiss the - you know what
Make sure the door is shut behind you
I do believe the brother's out of luck and stuck
But that's not your P-R-O-B-L-E-M
You gotta let him go and let him know this is the end
You've been kissed, dissed, listed as a dumb one
I hope he likes sad songs, he's gonna hum one
He's been a dum dum and that's the way it is forever
There comes a time, when you're at the end of your tether
And you know, I think you went far beyond that
So it was bound to backtrack
And smack you with an irksome vengeance as it attacks you
Makin sure you get the full entire view
Of who's to blame at the end of the game
Things will never be the same
And it's a cryin' shame

[Chorus] [3x]