Belinda Carlisle: It's Too Real (Big Scary Animal)

/Belinda Carlisle/

You keep talkin' - who you trying to kid?
Tryin' to keep your feelings hid
And I'm a prisoner of the past
It's so hard to make a good thing last

We know history
Over and over will it repeat
Hey you, it's only me
No heart on my sleeve
No heart on my sleeve

Here we go
Some things are inevitable
Don't we know
It could be so beautiful
It's too real
Situation flammable
Love is, love is, love is
A big scary animal
A big scary animal

Hey girl, be a man
Why'd you let it get out of hand
Hey boy, be a girl
Who wants to live in a man's world?

Come down, feel the ground
We can't keep going 'round and around
I know it's only you
Can I refuse?
Can I refuse?


Here we go now...

Hey boy, serves you right
Why'd you have to take that bite
Hey girl, play your game
God knows they're all the same

Hey girl, listen up
No use drink' from that broken cup
Hey man, feel the fear
Someday I'm gonna catch your tears


Here we go now...
Love is, love is, love is
So beautiful...