Captain Hollywood Project: Only With You

/Captain Hollywood Project/

Could it be
That love is the answer
Why I feel so good
Why I want to stay
Here with you
Only with you
Could it be
That love has more to give me
Than I thought was true
But I just can feel it
Only with you
Only with you

You should just chill
Search for the word until
That you are doing his will
Just keep teaching not to kill
And keep teaching not to steel
Oh yes, we need to keep working
To stay out of all the dirt we're in
Away from all the jerks
So none of them can hurt
Take a look at what we're doing
'Cause our Earth is what we ruin
Oh yes, it's a true
And if you take a look at mankind
Drugs are taking over their mind
Everybody is doing crime
You know that it's time


You see a hole up in the sky
And we are asking "why"
So why don't we just stop it
And try to change the topic
'Cause you ain't making profit
So don't you even bother it
Love is what we're needing
Our Earth is bleeding
Hollywood is pleading
To everyone that's believing
Yes, we need to keep working
So that none of us be hurting
It's time for us to get right
And forget the black and the white
Just keep then love in sight - right
Each and every day and night


Only with you [6x]